At Nuchem Therapeutics, we offer services in biochemical assay development and screening, either in conjunction with or separately from our Medicinal Chemistry services, with on-site assay development, screening and enzyme kinetic studies.

Nuchem Therapeutics can provide expertise in assay development and screening efforts such as absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, FRET, BRET; as well as low to high throughput screening, recombinant enzyme assays, and cell-based assays.

Our scientists also have experience with kinase, phosphatase, protease, hydrolase, and transferase proteins, including enzyme kinetics and inhibitor mechanism-of-action studies.

Nuchem Therapeutics also offers vital biochemical services such as:

  •  Compound binding characteristics to enzymes:
    • IC50 under various buffer conditions
    • reversibility, k­on, koff rate
    • mode of inhibition (competitive, non-competitive, etc.)
    • determine binding sites on albumin
  • Solubility (kinetic or thermodynamic) in various buffers (i.e. cell media, PBS, etc.)

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