Our Senior Team

Our senior management team members, formerly of the Merck Frosst Center for Therapeutic Research in Montreal, have extensive knowledge of the drug discovery process. Over the course of their 14 to 25 year careers, they have gained experience working in various therapeutic areas such as inflammation, respiratory diseases, pain, osteoporosis and infectious diseases and have made key contributions to the identification of several marketed small molecule therapeutics. As such, they bring vital scientific expertise and valuable project management experience to NuChem Therapeutics.

  • Daniel was chosen to start up and lead NuChem Therapeutics in August 2011 and within four months the newly assembled scientific team and laboratories were fully operational.


    Daniel brings with him 20 years of experience at the Merck Frosst Canada research center in Montreal as a synthetic chemist and project leader in preclinical drug development in respiratory, inflammatory, analgesic and virology therapeutic areas. He was part of the discovery team of Singulair® and Arcoxia® and numerous clinical candidates.

    In 2010, he joined the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) on the Université de Montreal campus as part of the medicinal chemistry platform involved in cancer and HCV projects. Daniel earned his BSc in chemistry and doctorate degree in synthetic organic chemistry from the Sherbrooke University followed by a two year post-doctoral study at Stanford University.

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  • Sheldon has extensive experience in the process of drug discovery and development in the therapeutic areas of osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, inflammation and HIV infection.

    Sheldon joined NuChem Therapeutics as Principal Investigator after nine year tenure at Merck Frosst Canada in which he effectively managed chemistry teams to successfully develop pre-clinical molecules within short timelines.

    Sheldon obtained his Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry under the direction of Professor Jean Burnell at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1999 . He then completed his post-doctoral studies at Harvard University in the laboratories of Nobel Laureate Professor E. J. Corey.

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  • Kathryn has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a sound knowledge of the preclinical drug discovery process from target identification to lead optimization.

    Prior to joining NuChem Therapeutics, Kathryn was Senior Research Associate (Biology)  at Merck Frosst Canada in Montreal. 

    She has acquired broad expertise in protein chemistry including enzymology, mechanism of action studies and assay development for enzymes and receptors from moderate to high throughput screening in various therapeutic targets including respiratory, inflammation, diabetes, obesity and infectious diseases. 

    She has over 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals.  Kathryn received her BSc in chemistry from the University of Waterloo and her MSc from the University of Alberta.

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