The high importance we assign to all our clients-whether new or returning, large or small has contributed to our rapidly growing reputation as a premium medicinal chemistry partner and custom synthesis service provider. NuChem is working with large pharma and biotech companies, as well as academic laboratories and government institutions. Examples of publicly disclosed collaborations involving NuChem:

  • AmorChem L.P. is a biotechnology venture capital research fund focused on increasing the commercial potential of quality academic research carried out in Quebec.  Nuchem Therapeutics provides medicinal chemistry support to academic collaborations which are part of the Amorchem fund portfolio.  Current and past projects funded by Amorchem and progressed by NuChem Therapeutics include DM1. PCSK9, ABHD6, CD73 and CFTR.

  • Prof Pascal Chartrand of the University of Montreal, Canada,  has developed promising enabling technologies in the area of myotonic muscular dystrophy 1 (DM1) also known as Steinhert’s disease.

    NuChem Therapeutics is providing project management and medicinal chemistry support for the project which is co-sponsored by Amorchem L.P and Roche.

  • Roche is a major pharmaceutical company headquartered in Basel Switzerland.  Roche is a leader in research-focused healthcare with combined strengths in pharmaceutical and diagnostics.  Amorchem L.P and Roche have entered into a partnership to support and finance the discovery of a novel small molecule disease-modifying therapy for the treatment of myotonic muscular dystrophy 1, or Steinert’s disease. Discovery research is taking place at NuChem Therapeutics, and in the laboratories of Dr. Pascal Chartrand at the University of Montreal.